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Football field construction (1)

Update:29 Dec 2018

Construction requirements: The football competition ven […]

Construction requirements: The football competition venue must be absolutely flat and natural, and should be equipped with a complete drainage system.
1. First aid passage: First aid passage with direct access to the venue such as ambulances and fire engines.
2. Billboards around the venue: When building a new stadium, it must be noted that the placement of billboards around the venue does not obstruct the viewer's view. The maximum height of a general billboard is 90 cm. The minimum distance between the competition venue line and the billboard is: 5 meters outside the side line, 2 meters behind the goal line, and 3.5 meters at the intersection of the goal line.
3. Flagpole: The stadium must have at least five flagpoles installed or equipped with at least five flags.
4. Venue line: The shortest distance from the competition venue line to the stop net: 6 meters from the sideline and 7.5 meters from the goal line. There should be a turf edge of not less than 1.5 meters wide outside the side of the competition venue.
5. Sewer: The competition venue must have a drainage system to avoid the impact of heavy rain.