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Massager main classification (1)

Update:19 Oct 2018

With the development of life and science, massagers are […]

With the development of life and science, massagers are also developed in various ways, but have different classifications according to different ways.
From energy consumption can be divided into:
1. Energy consumption and no energy massager. The energy massager is our ordinary electronic massager, which requires power to operate. The non-energy massager does not require a power supply and requires active massage. In a broad sense, it also includes natural massage equipment, such as combs and horns. Round wood, wooden massager, Ya nuclear Kang walnut massager, etc.
2. The massager can also be divided into active massager and passive massage from the massage form. Passive massager is that we do not move the massager, it is a kind of enjoyable massage method. The general electronic massager belongs to the passive massager; the active massage is the active use of the massager, the labor is required, the general natural massager, ya The nuclear health walnut massager belongs to the active massager, and the active massager has the dual health function of “synthesis in exercise and exercise in massage”.