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How to distinguish between good and bad rebounds

Update:14 Dec 2018

One: surface treatment, some small manufacturers are st […]

One: surface treatment, some small manufacturers are still using the paint standard treatment, his life will fade in about a year. You should buy physical sanding and electrostatic spray molding, so if the life is handled well, the surface plastic powder will not fall off for more than five years.
Second: see whether the wall thickness of the basketball stand meets the national standard; the wall thickness of the basketball hoop is 3.75mm thick, the box of the basketball hoop is 2mm thick, and the main column has a thickness of 2.75mm.
Three: buy basketball racks to the regular manufacturers to buy, so as to avoid some dealers go to the manufacturers to temporarily transfer goods, so inevitably there will be poor quality products
Four: The height of the basketball hoop should be in accordance with the international standard. The height of the hoop to the ground is 3.05M.
Fifth, the support of the basketball stand, the bracket should be durable, it is best to use the mobile floor basketball stand, its bracket is more durable.
Six: the choice of rebounds; rebounds have tempered glass, SMC rebounds. Generally, the tempered glass backboard is high-explosion-proof and has a transparency of 90%. (The tempered glass backboard has iron-edge edging, aluminum alloy edging, and aluminum alloy edging is the best)