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General Frisbee (also known as traditional Frisbee)

Update:02 Nov 2018

That is, the traditional shape of the Frisbee. Accordin […]

That is, the traditional shape of the Frisbee. According to the size and weight can be divided into small discs. Medium-sized discs. Large-disc discs
Small disc. Weight from 60g ~ 105g for novices. Children. Basic throwing. Teaching games. Competition.
Medium-sized disc. The weight of 110g ~ 145g is the core of this type of Frisbee. Used for: multiple competitions. High school and high school students throwing training. Fancy transfer. Suitable for professional use.
Large disc. Weight from 150g to 200g Diameter greater than 10.5, weight 150~200g, mainly used for: Battle for Ultimate and Free Fancy Freestyle.
Each type of Frisbee has its own size and weight matching, that is, weight/diameter, also known as density. The elasticity of the material is also a key factor in the quality of the plate. It is used according to its characteristics: throwing the competition. Double flying disc. Courage competition. Competition. Plate bottles. Fancy transfer. Free fancy.