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Frisbee movement

Update:10 Nov 2018

A frisbee is a sport that throws a disc-shaped applianc […]

A frisbee is a sport that throws a disc-shaped appliance. It first appeared in the United States in the 1960s. Now popular in the world. The disc is round, with a diameter of 22.2~687.5px, and the thickness of the disc edge is 8.75px~50px. It is forced by fingers and wrists to make it rotate and fly in the air. There are more than ten kinds of main competition methods: throwing away, throwing, free fancy (throwing and picking in the music, with gymnastics and dance moves), competition (similar to American football, each team according to different specifications The stadium, 5 to 7 people, respectively, double-flying disk (similar to tennis using two Frisbee competitions) and Frisbee Golf, since 1973, the United States holds a Frisbee tournament every year.

Frisbee is a kind of game tool that adults and children love to play. As long as there is a lot of space to play, and there are many ways to play, there are many games. It is estimated that more than 7 million people from all over the world participate in this event. The Frisbee movement has been listed as an official project of the 2001 World Games (an international competition for non-Olympic events).

Frisbee movement has a long history in foreign countries and is popular in Europe and America. At present, the development and popularization of this sport in China is relatively rare. The Frisbee sports are suitable for competitions, fitness and public leisure activities. It not only has a wide range of mass, entertainment, but also strong confrontation and fun. At the same time, the price of the Frisbee is cheap and everyone can afford it. The biggest benefit is that this kind of exercise can be played with anyone, even your dog. The most common way to play Frisbee is to throw two people away from each other, but don't underestimate the simple throwing and picking action. If the technique is good enough, you can also play with dazzling. Before playing Frisbee, buying a Frisbee is also a matter of learning. At first glance, the structure of the Frisbee is simple, but it involves a lot of scientific knowledge about flight and physics, such as aerodynamics, Newton's law, Bainuoli's principle, rotating physics, etc., so the quality requirements of the Frisbee can be a little bit Can't be sloppy! First of all, the edge of the Frisbee should be very clean and slippery. Do not have a burr of raw edges, so as not to cut the skin when throwing and picking up. Moreover, the flatness of the body is also important. Do not have unevenness or uneven thickness, so as not to affect the stability of the flight, usually the best level without deformation.