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Football field construction (4)

Update:19 Jan 2019

Artificial turf quality requirements for cement foundat […]

Artificial turf quality requirements for cement foundation
1. Strength and stability: The surface is even and solid. There is no crack and no sinter, the seam is straight and smooth, and the dicing is about 6000mm*6000mm. The mat is laminated and the compactness is more than 96%. After the medium-sized roller compactor is pressed, there is no significant wheel track. The floating soil is loose. Waves and the like.
2, water barrier: the use of a new thick water-proof film, the overlap should be greater than 200mm, the edge margin is greater than 150 mm.
3. Flatness: The pass rate is above 96%, and the error of 5 meters is 3mm.
4. Slope: 8 turns of the curve and 5 turns of the straight road. The surface should be flat and smooth to ensure drainage.
5. Maintenance period: The basic maintenance period is 3-4 weeks.