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Detailed description of various materials Frisbee

Update:16 Nov 2018

Competition Standard : This frisbee is made of plastic […]

Competition Standard :
This frisbee is made of plastic material and has a very stable flight. The world record is close to 100M and the weight is very light.
So the long-stay time is the most common Frisbee in the current game. But it is easy to get a tooth print, not often using sandpaper,
May cause significant damage to the dog's mouth. But with sandpaper, the weight of the Frisbee will be lighter, right-handed player
The throw will be more and more inclined to the right, and the left-handed player will tilt to the left.
The disadvantage is that the life is short and the new Frisbee is often replaced.
Soft plastic material, if it is not in the water, it can be said to be a permanent use of the Frisbee.
The dog with a lot of power can't make a trace. Because the weight is a little heavier, the wind resistance is strong,
Flying in the breeze is also very stable, but the short-stay time is short, it is a bit difficult for the puppy to catch the bite.
The price is more expensive, but in the long run, it is still very suitable.
Look at the material as if it was made of silica gel, the hand feels very soft, there is a tooth print, and no rubbing is required.
Does not affect the oral safety of dogs. It is recommended that adult dogs and puppies who are just starting to practice Frisbee use this Frisbee.
After practicing for a period of time, I was basically skilled, and then switched to the standard Frisbee.
The disadvantage is that it is easy to be torn and has a short life, especially those dogs that bite the frisbee and die.
It can't be used in a few days.
SofFlite Frisbee is strongly recommended for the preliminary, but it is easy to destroy and requires investment.
Should this investment be a problem for people who raise their borders and love dogs?
People who play Frisbee should always put a few Competition Standard Frisbee and several Jawz Frisbees, and use Jawz in windy weather. Ask for a long-distance use of the Competition Standard to check if the Competition Standard Frisbee is damaged, so as not to cause harm to the dog.

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