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According to their own specifications

Update:29 Sep 2018

The basic principle is that the length of the yoga mat […]

The basic principle is that the length of the yoga mat should not be shorter than the height, the width should not be narrower than the shoulder width, and the thickness should be selected according to its own level.
In general, beginners are advised to choose a 6mm thick yoga mat, because thicker can protect the body and avoid injuries. But don't blindly pursue high thickness. After all, yoga is a sport that attaches great importance to balance. If the mat is too thick, it will lead to unstable center of gravity, which is not conducive to the force of perceptive action. Padded cushions on the market are generally used for fitness exercises such as sit-ups (this type of exercise is actually a fitness mat).
Medium-thickness yoga mats are generally around 4mm and 5mm, suitable for advanced use, so beginners should not consider it! As for the thin yoga mat of 1.5mm - 3mm, it is more suitable for advanced users. Secondly, because of the light weight, the little friends who go to the gym can consider it.

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